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Mule Original Waterproof Briarproof Bibs - the name says it all! They are Original. They are Briarproof. They shed ALOT of Water! They should be called 'Super Bibs' because the way you will feel going through briars is super! You won't feel a thing!

Made of 1,000 denier briarproof material then the material is doubled on the legs for added protection! They feature a 24" zipper for easy on/off. These bibs are lined with a treated liner inside and out that is treated with a waterproof repellent spray. The liner creates a barrier to keep moisture out. It also traps body heat to keep you warmer in winter!

It is possible for these to allow water in through the zipper teeth OR if you poke a hole in it. Things with holes leak-that's just the way it is.

A Specially designed chest pocket to allow you to hold your electronics in the deep chest pocket and almost a day's worth of shells in a separate accessible pocket! And, if you use .410 shells - no problem! They won't fall through! Made in the USA!


  • Two Heavy-Duty Buttons on each side to keep bibs closed
  • Big Chest pocket with snaps and d-rings
  • Separate shell loop pocket capable of holding .410 shells!
  • YKK 24" zippers in each leg
  • Riveted and Double-sewn
  • Naturally repeals water with the treated outer layer
  • Waterproof liner that is treated and sewed the Mule way to keep out water
  • Briarproof material doubled on legs with a double-rolled hem
  • Available in Brown or Green

Find your Waist Size in JEANS below. Order the bib size recommended, unless:

  1. Your T-shirt is larger than the recommended bib size...if so, proceed to step 2:
  2. Order 1 size larger for your bibs IF your t-shirt size is larger because you have a belly. If your t-shirt size is larger because you have broad shoulders, order the bib size recommended based on your jean waist size.

If Your Waist Size in Jeans: 29-31
Order Bib Size:

If Your Waist Size in Jeans: 32-35
Order Bib Size:

If Your Waist Size in Jeans: 36-38
Order Bib Size:

If Your Waist Size in Jeans: 40-42
Order Bib Size: XL

If Your Waist Size in Jeans: 44-46
Order Bib Size:

If Your Waist Size in Jeans: 48-50
Order Bib Size:

If Your Waist Size in Jeans: 52-54
Order Bib Size:

Inseam: (second number in the sizing chart):
Measure from V in crotch to ankle bone for inseam length. This should equal about 2" shorter than the inseam for your regular pants.Long bibs will drag and you will walk on the bottom seams causing fraying. You wear the bibs from your shoulders-not your waist, so you can adjust the bibs lower or higher using your shoulder straps.

Because we care: Why do we want you to wear your bibs 2" shorter than your pants? Because we care! 99.9% of the population wear their pants too long and it bunches on the top of the shoe. That's fine for blue jeans, but, briarproof material is thick and doesn't 'bunch' so if you get them as long as your jeans, instead of bunching, they're going to drag OR the kick-out on your boot will catch the back hem and tear out the hem or bust the zipper track when you step forward. Trust us...we do this for a living...order them 2" shorter. If you wear an odd numbered length of jean, order the next shortest even size. So, if you wear a 31" jean, order a 28" long bib. You will thank us every time you come home and your hem and zipper are still intact. You're welcome!



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    Posted by Adam Nesbitt on Jan 3rd 2021

    I’ve had a pair of these lined bibs for 2 seasons now. They are tough as nails. With the waterproof lining they are very warm also. When it’s 30 degrees out, I can where long Johns and gym shorts underneath and still be very warm.