Mule Original Briarproof Summertime Chaps

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Mule Summertime Chaps do double duty: protect your from briars and keep you cool! How? A heavy-duty mesh screen opening in the back of the legs allows air in and body heat to escape.

Great for summer activities such as scouting, fishing, weedeating, hiking, and dog training.

How to Measure for Chaps:

  • THIGH MEASUREMENT: Measure the widest part of your thigh, even with the 'V' in your crotch, just so tape measure touches. Then add 2". If you carry alot of items in your pockets, you might want to go a little bit bigger. This is the first number in the sizing chart.
  • INSEAM MEASUREMENT: Measure from the V in the crotch to your ankle bone (on the inside part of your leg). This is your Inseam. If you end up at an odd number, go to the lowest even number (ex: measures 29, mark 28 as your inseam, not 30). This is the second number in the sizing chart.
  • If you ride a horse, you may want to go a little longer on the inseam, understanding that when walking, the chaps may drag.