USB Multi-Charger - 12 Port with USB Cables for Garmin Alpha, DC50, TT10, T5 or TT15

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The multicharger is small and compact and easily charges your Garmin equipment! You can charge up to 12 items at a time and the USB cords are included! 

Simply use your charging clip that came with your Garmin system or purchase them separately. If you own an Alpha 200i, you will need the micro USB cord that came with the handheld.  You can use splitters, sold seprately, but it will take longer to chare since you are 'splitting up' the power output.

Small, compact, convenient - get charged up for your next outdoor adventure!


  • 12 USB ports
  • 12 USB cables included
  • 3.6 foot power supply cord
  • Intelligent charging so your unit gets the right amount of charge as quickly as possible

***SELECT YOUR HANDHELD CHARGING CORD TYPE - WE WILL INCLUDE ONE SQUARE END FOR ALPHA 100/ASTRO 430 OR A MICRO END FOR ALPHA 200/200i. The rest of the cords will be square ends for use with charging clips.***

**Please note: brand or charger may vary**