1 Inch Solid EColor - Replacement for Shock Collar Systems

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This 1" e-collar strap is hand-crafted by OKIE DOG SUPPLY with top quality material and durable, heavy-duty buckle and d-ring. 

This collar strap replaces any 1" e-collar strap in any GPS or Non-GPS system or Bark Collar for any brand! 

Please make sure that you check which ecollar size is right for you. There is 3/4" and 1" for multiple brands. Some examples of what this ecollar will fit are: 

  • Any Full Size Collar for Garmin (TT15, TT10, T5, TT15X, T5X, etc...)
  • Any Full Size Collar for SportDOG
  • Any Full Size Dogtra Collar - Pathfinder, T&B, etc.... 
  • If in doubt, measure or check our website for your system and in the 'in the box' section the ecollar size will be listed

Color-Stamping allows the lettering on the nameplate to stand out. Fluorescent colors do not last as long as solid black, red or blue.