Pirit Heated Hose

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These hoses provide heat to keep water flowing. We use this at our kennel and also on the OKIE DOG mobile store when we travel.

Delivering water outdoors when temperatures dip below freezing doesn't have to be difficult - not when you have this PVC Heated Hose. Heating element plugs into any standard 110V GFCI outlet and draws 180W. Comes with a 72", 110V electrical cord. Meets UL and CSA requirements for heated, outdoor electric appliances. Safe for drinking water when used with a clean potable water source.

  • Automatic Convenience: Hose is thermostatically controlled and turns On automatically
  • Durable Construction: Outside has an abrasion-resistant PVC covering and bend restrictors on both ends for long-lasting durability
  • Even Heating: Heater wires are extruded directly into the hose wall for uniform heating and maximum efficiency - no wires hang from the main hose
  • Built-in Protection: Thermostat is protected in a waterproof silicon shell
  • Extra Safe: Hose is grounded end-to-end, including the nozzles
  • Withstands Extremes: Hose is tested to: -42°F

NOTE: Heated hoses should be used only with GFCI outlets. Hose should be unhooked from water source when not in use.

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