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Happy Jack
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Happy Jack is a trusted brand when it comes to treating your pet. Pad Kote was developed for conditions of the feet and pads of dogs due to wear or minor skin eczemas.

Pad Kote is a healing aid for moist, weeping spots due to skin eczemas, fungal infections, galls, saddle sores, and other minor abrasions of the skin of dogs and horses. It aids in the healing and toughening of all types of wounds and sores and relieves itching.

We use this in our kennel for everything from pressure sores to cuts and abrasions and even for pan-cactus stings!

This product has a 'smokehouse' type of smell.

Instructions for use:

  • Shake Well
  • Apply once or twice a day to affected area
  • Allow to dry before releasing animal
  • Use alcohol to remove stains from hands
  • DO NOT apply to deep puncture wounds


If in doubt - consult your vet! User assumes all risks!