3/4" Dayglo E-Collar - REFLECTIVE COLORS - Replacement for Shock Collar Systems

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This 3/4" e-collar strap is hand-crafted by OKIE DOG SUPPLY with top quality material and durable, heavy-duty buckle and d-ring. 

This collar strap replaces any 3/4" e-collar strap in any GPS or Non-GPS system or Bark Collar for any brand! 

Color-Stamping allows the lettering on the plate to stand out. Fluorscent colors do not last as long as the solid colors black, red or blue.

If the ecollar strap is for a TT 15 mini or a Pathfinder mini, a nameplate can affect the collar strap fitting snug enough on small dogs; therefore, we will send the plate and rivets - but will NOT attach the plate to an ecollar intended for use on Garmin TT15minis or Dogtra Pathfinder Minis.