Black Mountain Whelping Nest Thermostat Only

Black Mountain Whelping Nest
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This thermostat controls the Black Mountain Whelping Nest. This is the thermostat ONLY. 
Features include: 
  • Digital Thermostat is user-friendly and increases temperatures by 1 degree
  • Digital Thermostat Temperature Range is from 50 degrees to 108 degrees Fahrenheit 
  • Digital Thermostat can be easily removed and replaced
  • If mounting outside - protect from rain, weather, and dogs chewing
  • No cords are included


WARNING TO PREVENT OVERHEATING: You MUST plug the nest's electrical cord into the FRONT of the thermostat. The wire should be plugged into the SIDE of the controller and the controller MUST BE the only item on the nest plugged into the outlet. 

1 Year Warranty for Defective Workmanship or Materials - handled by Black Mountain