Prize Ideas for Clubs - Information Only - Must Call To Order

club prizes


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Awards are created just for your event! Since these are highly customizable, we request that you contact us to order them - which is easier than trying to cover all the possible options available.  We can do vinyl work on bowls or cups. We can embroider hats and more! 

Here's the process: 

  • Call us at 918-633-3519
  • Know the total number of prizes that you want
  • Know the details of the event 
  • We will come up with a total for your order - when you agree to it, we will collect payment information then we will work on proofs for you at no charge. Once you select the proof you like, we will make your plaques and have them to you in time for your event. 

Pictures are just representations of what we can do. This is not limited to just dogs - this can be for schools or club officers or any event where a plaque is needed.