Hands Free Tactical Case for Garmin Alpha or Astro - Chest or Belt

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This tactical case is built tough - and smart! It can be attached to your belt or chest. Unbuckle the front quick clip, then pull it away from you and just like magic, the holster will lay open so you can see the screen of your Alpha or Astro or Tek 1.0 or 1.5!!!


  • Opening on the side provides access to Astro/Alpha on/off switch
  • The handheld can be inserted into the case WITH or without our Astro and Alpha covers (AstroCover, AstroGlo, AlphaCover, AlphaGlo)
  • 2 stretchy cords at the top hold your handheld in place.  One cord has a quick-clip buckle that clips to the front of the pouch.  One has velcro and attaches to the side of the pouch (this allows the cord to wrap around your handheld's antenna and will stay in place even when the unit is in the “flipped down” position).
  • The buckle on the front is intended to be used to secure the handheld for longer periods of time, but can be left unfastened during the hunt to allow the flexibility to flip the handheld up and down at will (for hands-free viewing)
  • There are multiple layers of Velcro on the back side for extra security
  • All velcro is military grade
  • Straps are adjustable
  • Buckles are quick-clip
  • Intended for use on your chest or your waist (like a belt)
  • Available in Black and Olive Green