DT Systems H2O 1850 Plus Bundle

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This fully waterproof unit covers both basic and advanced training needs for both professionals and novice users alike. Whether you are knee-deep in cold icy waters or knee-deep in tall grass on a dry sunny day, the H2O PLUS is designed with the harshest environments in mind. D.T. Systems' Beeper/Locator is controlled from the handheld transmitter and is audible from up to 450 yards away.

There are 3 functions: Locate, Run and Point mode, and Point Only mode. The Locate button will make the collar unit beep any time it is pressed to help you locate your dog. The Run and Point mode will make the collar beep one way while your dog is on the move and another way when he stops to point. The Point Only mode will make the collar beep only when your dog has stopped to point.


    • 1 mile (1600 m) range
    • Beeper/Locator with Locate, Run & Point mode, and Point Only modes audible from 450 yards
    • 16 levels of Nick and Continuous stimulation Gentle Touch™ e-Stim
    • BOTH the Collar and Transmitter/Remote are RECHARGEABLE
    • No-Slip/Soft-Grip rubber coating on Transmitter
    • 100% WATERPROOF Collar adjusts from 12″ to 23″ to fit most dogs necks
    • 100% WATERPROOF FLOATING transmitter
    • MAXX-Range 360™ Internal FM Antenna System embedded in collar belt
    • Built-in safety shutoff with Smart LED Low battery charge indicatory
    • Expandable to a two dog system with an additional Add-On collar
    • NOTE: Collar beeper location can be adjusted by DT Systems Service Center for smaller dog’s necks