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  • AKC, UKC, and PKC approved
  • Improved Communication and Geo-Fence
  • Track and Train with your Apple iWatch, iPad, or Smartphone using Bluetooth 5.0 or higher

Please NOTE: 

  • Pathfinder2 is NOT compatible with Pathfinder collars: SE, Full-Size, TRX or Mini collars 
  • You cannot connect a Pathfinder or any of its collars to a Pathfinder2 system 
  • The Pathfinder app will NOT work with the Pathfinder2 collars 

This Dogtra Pathfinder2 Bundle is the full-size collar that tracks and trains (shocks). It is great for dogs 35 pounds or more. If you want to use it for smaller dogs - let us know and we'll make the collar strap so it will fit dogs like beagles or small feists.

The Dogtra Pathfinder brings GPS and e-collar technology right to your smartphone, iPad, or Apple Watch giving you a more intelligent and responsive way to track and train your dogs. The Pathfinder truly works without using cellular data*. Just download the free maps and operate your smartphone in offline map mode. Unlike other GPS e-collars, there are no extra navigation packages to purchase.

You have access to Google Maps™ with satellite and terrain views and the ability to track up to 21 dogs or hunters, share locations, playback data and create customizable Geo-Fence alerts. With an incredibly fast two-second update rate and a powerful zoom capability, the Pathfinder tracking feature provides greater live-action detail and accuracy when you’re in the field.

* Downloading the app initially requires data usage. No data needed after the app is downloaded. Smartphone not included.


  • Works with Apple iWatch, iPad - you can train and track right from these devices
  • Works with any smartphone that has Bluetooth 5.0 or higher ( Bluetooth 5.0 was introduced in 2017 or later model phones - check to make sure your device uses only Bluetooth 5.0 or higher)
  • Smartphone GPS Tracking and Training (no cellular data required)
  • Full e-collar functions, including Nick and Contstant stimulation
  • Audible Tone
  • Detailed satellite and terrain views by Google Maps
  • Offline map mode
  • Two-second update rate for greater tracking accuracy
  • Map zoon capability for superior tracking detail
  • Compass mode
  • Tracking only mode with verifiable data and secure contact point covers
  • Improved Geo-Fence and alert options let you customize boundaries and receive notifications
  • Easy location sharing for dogs and owners
  • Expandable to 21 additional GPS collars and/or Pathfinder users (purchase of additional collars required)
  • History playback on your smartphone and computer
  • 9-mile line-of-sight range to cover your most active runner
  • Fully waterproof for use in all environments
  • Long-lasting, rapid-charge lithium polymer batteries
  • Custom alerts for dog actions using pop-ups, sound, and vibration
  • Voice Alerts (they can be disabled - click here for a sample of the voice alert)
  • Rheostat volume with stimulation levels 1-100
  • LED Beacon Lights in the collar
  • For Small Dogs to Medium Dogs under 40 pounds - we recommend removing the d-ring or purchasing the Pathfinder Mini Bundle instead!







  • GPS Connector
  • GPS Collar with 1" E-Collar Strap in your choice of collar
  • Belt Clip
  • AC Adapter Battery Charger and Splitter Cable
  • Test Light
  • Owner's Manual
  • Hard Shell Carrying Case
  • Contact Point Extensions and Adjustment Tool
  • Non-Stimulation Contact Point Covers




We Ship this item for FREE - with your choice of collar strap color/type and a nameplate (if selected)

 Our friendly and knowledgeable staff will help you add this onto your phone or troubleshoot any issue you may be experiencing

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