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Any Box Not In Stock May Take 2-4 weeks to ship.

Starting late October 2021, there will be a selection of B-style top storage boxes at the OKIE DOG store.

During Peak holiday times, it may take 7-9 weeks for delivery.

Shipping is extra - unless you are picking it up at the Okie Dog Store in Claremore, OK.

DIAMOND DELUXE B-Style is made with welded diamond tread aluminum it features carrying handles, locking full top storage, locking T-handles on the dog doors, corrugated plastic insulation on all exterior walls, solid aluminum divider panel, dual gas struts, all locks keyed alike, flat lid and slide covers on the vents.

DIAMOND DELUXE units have the largest vents of any dog box with the vent measuring 10” x 13½”. These units are extremely lightweight with the large truck box weighing only 100 pounds.

B-Style units without top storage have 20” height and units with top storage have 18” height in the dog compartment and 6” top storage. Available in 38” and 46” widths and lengths of 38” and 46”.  The B-Style “Beagle Box” measures 38”W x 38”L x 22”T with 17.5” dog compartment height and 4.5” of top storage.

For added protection and comfort - purchase Mule Brand Dog Box Pads! 

Model Width Length Height # of D/C Depth of T/S D/C Size Retail
B3322 38" 38" 20" 2 N/A 19"X38"X20" $683.00
B3422 38" 46" 20’ 2 N/A 19’X46"X20" $695.00
B4422 46" 46" 20" 2 N/A 23"X46’X20" $725.00
B4323 46" 38" 20" 3 N/A 15"X38’X20" $795.00
B3322TS 38" 38" 22" 2 4 1/2" 19"X38"X17" $905.00
B3422TS 38" 46" 24" 2 6" 19"X46"X18" $873.00
B4422TS 46" 46" 24" 2 6" 23"X46"X18" $895.00
B442-22TS 46" 42" 24" 2 6" 15"X42’X18" $895.00
B4323TS 46" 38" 24" 3 6" 15"X38"X18" $955.00


  • All Diamond Deluxe Dog Boxes will have a $250 Shipping charge added to the price you see above.
  • Diamond DOES NOT deliver to residential areas, so your box will be delivered to the nearest trucking hub to you. If you have a business with a dock and forklift - the dog box can be sent to that address.
  • When your dog box is delivered, DO NOT take possession of the box until you have THOROUGHLY inspected the dog box. This means: open doors, check hinges, vents, and top storage areas - do a complete and thorough check of the box. If it is damaged, immediately refuse the box and keep pictures of the refusal and the damages to the dog box. Contact us immediately: 918-633-3519 so we can alert Diamond of the issues.
  • If you take possession of a dog box without thoroughly inspecting it, the dog box is YOURS. It cannot be refused or a claim made if you have removed it from the dock/semi.