Treat Yourself to Great Items at OKIE DOG SUPPLY!

Oct 29th 2021

Treat Yourself to Great Items at OKIE DOG SUPPLY!

It's a great time to shop at OKIE DOG SUPPLY! We are stocked with all kinds of treats - for you and your dog. 

The Mule Brand Clothing line is filling in nicely - so get ready to tackle the brush in your favorite hunting apparel! 

OKIE DOG SUPPLY has collars and leads and we offer embroidery - treat yourself to something nice! And for your dog - or deer or horse or goat or iguana - collars and leads will round off an extra special treat for all things furry...or not so furry in the case of the iguana. 

And - the best treat? Black Mountain Whelping Nest is currently on special for $299 with FREE SHIPPING! Treat your dog, cat, rabbit or more to a special nest designed for safety, comfort, and gentle even warmth for those chilly nights ahead. In-stock and ready to ship! 

No tricks-just treats at OKIE DOG SUPPLY. Shop online or call: 918-633-3519 or 601-856-5169.