Garmin Minis are In Stock!!!!!

Feb 4th 2021

Garmin Minis are In Stock!!!!!

The long awaited - often coveted - Garmin Mini TT 15 is back in stock at your favorite hunting and dog supply store - OKIE DOG SUPPLY! 

You may have heard of the defect the minis had about 3-4 weeks ago where they would not pair. The issue has been resolved. All minis currently available at OKIE DOG SUPPLY are working and are on the latest software version. How do we know? We charge, update and test each and every mini because we know you want it fast - and you want it to work when  you get it! 

Pricing is $299.99 - includes collar strap color of your choice, nameplate, and free shipping! Arrives with the charging cord and clip in the box. 

Get your Mini today at OKIE DOG SUPPLY - just click here