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What is waterproof, warm, and cozy? The Akoma Hound Warmer Deluxe!!

Whether you use it in your dog crate, dog trailer, or even your back seat, your dog will enjoy the Hound Warmer Deluxe waterproof dog heating pad — during overnight stays at hotels, travel during cold fall and winter days, or after a chilly duck or pheasant hunt.

The Akoma Hound Warmer deluxe is great for a cold duck boat, that cold seat in your deer stand, or in your ice fishing cabin!

Once plugged in to your vehicle’s 12 volt outlet or cigarette lighter or a 110 volt outlet, it quickly reaches 105-108 degrees F and will maintain that temperature until unplugged.

The Hound Warmer only draws 15 watts of power (2 amps), so you can safely use it all night long with a typical vehicle battery. In really cold weather, if your battery is old or weak, we recommend using a marine battery as an alternative power source.

  • Dimensions — 11″ X 22″ with 9 feet 12V heavy duty cord plus 8 additional feet for the 110 adapter heavy duty cord.
  • Power Requirements — 12V (15W, 2A) or 110V

The Hound Warmer doesn’t get hot to the touch like a traditional heating pad. It is a warming pad designed to keep your dog comfortable while traveling or overnight without using a lot of energy.

If left in the open air, the heat will dissipate as this is designed to trap body heat and warm your pet gently from underneath. When your dog lays on the pad, the trapped heat will build up to a veterinary recommended temperature of 110 degrees.