1 Inch Reflective Dayglo Dog Collars - for Medium to Large Dogs

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Get a great collar at a great price at OKIE DOG SUPPLY. Handcrafted collars with top quality high grade materials, buckles and rivets and a deep hand-stamped nameplate.

These 1 inch collars are easy to see at night when shined with a light.

Nameplates are free! See the difference at OKIE DOG SUPPLY in our quality and service!

Here are standard options you have with each OKIE DOG SUPPLY built collar:

Collar Dimensions:

1" x 18-24" length (measured center of buckle to hole closest to the pointy end). The collar will buckle down to an 11" collar.

Center Ring Options:

Our collars are built how you want them! The center ring is the ring in the middle of the collar. The d-ring is the ring closest to the buckle. Select if you want - or don't want a center ring.

D-Ring Options: 

The d-ring is the ring closest to the dog buckle. Select to have your collar built with or without a d-ring.

Color-Stamping Options:

Color-stamping is a paint used to make the lettering stand-out on the nameplate. Fluorescent colors will not last as long as the non-fluorescent colors.

PLEASE NOTE: Collars are measured from the center of the buckle to the hole closest to the other end

16" fits small dogs like beagles

18" fits blue-ticks and most bird dogs

19" fits larger blue-ticks, brittany, other medium sized dogs

21" fits walkers, most plotts, goats, catahoula and other medium to large dogs

23-27" fits large dogs like german shephers, small horses, deer, etc...